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Student Proofreading - PhD editing, thesis, dissertations

As your dissertation or PhD thesis represents many months (or years) of hard work, don't let this be undermined by common mistakes, such as bad spelling and punctuation, which can easily be overlooked and lose you valuable marks. Bad presentation can make all the difference between a low and high grade. As a professional proofreader I will check your work, whether it be a short essay, dissertation, research paper, or PhD thesis.


PhD, thesis, dissertation, essay, research papers 


My student prices start at £7 per 1000 words, reducing to £6.50/1000 for documents over 20,000 words. For documents over 40,000 words, please contact me for a quote. A typical turnaround for proofreading 5000 words would be 24 hours.


My student proofreading services include:

  • proofreading for typographical errors, punctuation, spelling, grammar, proper use of words, sentence structure, syntax
  • ensuring your text is readable, runs smoothly and uses proper academic language 
  • checking formatting (if requested)
  • ensuring reference system used is consistent (e.g. Harvard, Chicago, MHRA, APA) (if requested).


I work with a small team of academic proofreaders. If I am not able to work on your paper myself, it will be assigned to one of my colleagues. However, you will be notified of this and kept informed at all times. I will check the work before it is sent back to you and I will be your main  point of contact. All my co-workers have signed a confidentiality agreement with me and all work is guaranteed 100% confidential.


When sending your work for proofreading, please try to ensure your dissertation conforms to your chosen reference style, whether it be Harvard, APA, Chicago, etc. Also, please check whether your university of educational establishment has its own style guide. It would be helpful to send us a copy of that, or a link to the website, so that our editors can use it as a guide. It is important that, whichever reference style you use, it must be used consistently throughout.


Please check with your college or university whether you need their permission to use a proofreading service. Each institute will have their own guidelines and stipulations.


Payments can be made in GBP online via direct banking, or by Paypal (which will include Paypal fees). My bank details will be set out in my invoice.


For fees of £120 and over, I normally require half payment as a deposit when I begin. The second half would be payable upon completion of work. Do contact me if you require any further information.


Please note this is not a writing/rewriting service. I cannot write your thesis or dissertation for you. I cannot advise on the structure or the content of the paper. I can only correct the work as it is sent to me. Neither will I paraphrase any text, as this constitutes plagiarism, which is both illegal and unethical. 


When submitting work, please ensure you do a spellcheck first and that it is formatted properly.  This will save a lot of time for our editors.


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Student proofreading terms and conditions
Please read my student and academic proofreading terms and conditions.
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