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Why Hire a Proofreader

No matter how many times you check your document, you cannot be completely certain of picking up every error. Neither can you rely on your computer's spell-check to pick up every misdemeanour. A proofreader will check a document for punctuation, spelling, formatting and typological errors. An editor, however, will also check for grammatical errors and sentence structure and will edit to improve the flow and clarity of a sentence. 


You can email me your document and it will be amended using Track Changes in Microsoft Word. Your document will then be scrutinised and examined! I will return your work by email in two versions - the first will show all my editing in Track Changes, the second will be the final version with all those changes made. You will therefore be in total control over your document, and will be free to accept or decline any of my amendments.


These are common discrepancies:


We mad it to the beach.

Should be: "We made it to the beach".


We realise that we have to analyze every point.

Should be: "We realise that we have to analyse every point". Use either British English or American - not both.


Practise makes perfect.

Should be: "Practice makes perfect." Practice is a noun - practise is a verb (a 'doing' word).


I have to practice the piano.

Should be: "I have to practise the piano."


The drugs had no affect.

Should be: "The drugs had no effect." Affect is a verb - effect is a noun (or thing).


If your going, I'm coming to.

Should be: "If you're going, I'm coming too." Two errors here - you're (you are) and too (as well).


They could not except the truth.

Should be: "They could not accept the truth".


Who's job is it anyway?

Should be: "Whose job is it anyway?" 


The list is endless! Your computer will only spell-check for errors. It will not check for sense. It is the proofreader's job to pick up on these annoying and embarrassing discrepancies. My service also includes converting from British English to American English, and vice versa.


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